As of May the 15th 2017 MeshWarpServer is discontinued and any development has stopped.

If you are looking for the next generation of mapping tools, please visit


MeshWarpServer is a versatile Mapping Tool to create complex Video Projection Installations.

It runs on Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.

It has now an overhauled userinterface and new powerfull functionalities:

  • Create your own meshes with your favourite 3d modelling package. Since MeshWarpServer works with meshes that are stored as wavefront-obj files, you can exchange them forth and back between MeshWarpServer and any Modelling Application.
  • Play now up to four quicktime movies, four syphon-streams or four capture-streams simultaniously.
  • Take advantage of four textures you can define, with control for brightness / saturation / contrast, mask, up to 5 softedges and cropping.
  • Use the very powerfull softedge editor that allows you to have full control over the way you want to stitch multiple projectors together to one seamless screen
  • Autostart your project for a simplyfied startup procedure in installations.
  • Remote control it through OSC for syncing multiple instances on different machines in the same network. (making it easy to hook up with TouchOSC now)
  • Stream Videotextures via Syphon from another Video-Software (on OSX)
  • Stream Videotextures via Spout from another Video-Software (on Windows)



Comments about Meshwarpserver:

I’m happy just to exist in a world that has “meshwarpservers” / Bruce Sterling on wired.com

MWServer worked perfectly and it was very easy to adapt to new code / Roberto Cabezas