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Release 009 is here

Finally, after months of sitting inside a folder like a dead duck, the release 009 has found its way to the internet. It will be most likely the last major update of MeshWarpServer since I have moved on in regards

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Illuminarts Night Mural

Craig Laurendet of just let me know of a new project realized with Meshwarpserver: check out all the other cool pics on They used a Tripplehead2Go and attached Module8 via Syphon to MWS.

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Minor Bugfix for MWServer R008

Due to some bugs introduced with MaxMSP 6.12 the Syphonimplementation didnt work properly. With the Release of MaxMSP 6.13 this is fixed and MWServer R008.1 works now again with Syphon. MaxMSP still spills out some errormessages like “ error disabling

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Projection Workshop 18. – 20. July

For all projection enthusiasts out there who are keen to learn the usage of meshwarpserver by its creator himself: At the Republika Festical in Rijeka, Croatia, there will be a three day workshop on Video Mapping, from the 18th –

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Release 8 out now

Proudly present the latest Release of MeshWarpServer. It has a couple of bug fixes which makes it more userfriendly. And new properties settings: Hiding of the Menu (for OSX only), hiding of the Mouse Pointer on startup (usefull for installation

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Projection Show in Liévin [2012]

Ludovic BURCZYKOWSKI realized a beatifull projectionshow in Liévin in 2012. more info can be found on the youtube-page, albey in french… He actually used his own fork of MeshWarpServer – called MW-lite, which you can find here. If you have

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Workshop in Zürich in March 2013

M4Music is a MusicFestival in Lausanne and Zürich (Switzerland) with a wide variety of events, discussions, performances, gigs and … workshops. And yes, they asked me (maybites) to give a hands on introduction into the vizardry of videomapping with MeshWarpServer

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Projectionmapping show in Baden

Projected visual illusion on a building in real scale. Cooperation between ETH Zürich, Information Architecture and Stadtfest Baden. Realized with MeshSarpServer. I was involved to help with the mapping, and it was fun to be back in my hometown to

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Update of Release 007

A little bigfix of Release 007. Unfortunately I missed the fact, that some important buttons went into hiding. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Release 007 out now

Proudly present Release 007. It is a bugfix und usability improvement – Release. The color settings for the meshes are working again. So do the Softedges 4 and 5. I also reintroduce the menu-bar. I removed it with Release 005

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