Tutorial No 1: On Production Philosophy

This tutorial assumes you are already familiar with the userinterface of meshwarpserver. It gives an overview on the production process and the philosophy meshwarpserver is embedded in.

Meshwarpserver is a key piece in a complete production – workflow, and this workflow begins before the software is started. In order do use the full potential of meshwarpserver, it is helpfull to understand it before you start working seriously with this tool.

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  • Contexter

    This is way too complicating and therefore much too expensive ! Why do you use computers at all ? 

    • maybites

       Enlighten me. How would you do it without computers?

  • mapski

    the best tool since the mapping is thank you

  • Mark

    Fantastic Tool.  I’ve been looking around and this tool fits perfectly into my production pipeline.  It would be great to see a tutorial on creating soft edges, from the ground up on a simple model.  

    Thanks for the great software.


    • maybites

      I was planing to do this for a while, but didnt get around it. There is a forum thread that already touches this subject: http://meshwarpserver.org/?page_id=77&mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=2, resp. check out demo-project No4_doha.

      If you have some questions please drop me a line there.

      For the time beeing I am preparing release 004, which is going to be based on Max6, after this I will get back to making more tutorials.

  • Mario Jimenez

    I have this error: MWServerSE.mxf error -1 making directory
    I downloaded and move to a folder at my hd,i am administrator and the folder is mine.. what can it be?

    • Mario Jimenez

      and also downloaded latest java and quicktime…

      • maybites

        What are you trying to do? I have never encountered this error myself. I assume you are using Windows 7? Please tell me each step in the process that leads to this error. And post the log. that helps too.

    • maybites

      It was actually my mistake. I didn’t take enough care when I fixed the windowspackage. The mentioned file was missing. Its now complete and you can download it. Please let me know if you encounter further problems. And thank you for this feedback.

  • Kello

    help! how do I get the output window to be full screen?

    • maybites

      place your output (projector) display to the left of you desktop and press “rescan” at the bottom of the main window. then switch on the toggle just right of it and the output window will cover fullscreen the projector. or watch tutorial nr2 very carefully (around 3 minutes into the tutorial).