Release 004

I am proudly present MWServer Release 004. This new Release is in so far a major change, since it runs now on the Max 6 Framework. It took some time to get rid of those nasty errormessages and crashes, but it runs now smooth and (hopefully) very stable, all of the known usability bugs have vanished, and a nice new feature has been implemented:

From now on it is possible to stream the output via Syphon to a different app. This is unfortunately an OSX-only feature, Windows user will be reminded of this with a little red message at the startup.

Other changes include the Menu. It is now (again) a part of the Main-Window. For Windows users there is not much of a change with this, but for OSX users this has the advantage that it is now possible to make the menu bar invisible, which could be handy for certain setups…

Please have a look and let me know what you think.



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