Featured Hardwaresetup: Macbook Pro Retina

Today I was able to test the new Retina Macbook Pro with two Matrox Triplehead2Go DP to test the preformance with a setup with MWServer. And it was a blast:

Each TripleHead was showing up in the MonitorSetup with a resolution of 4080×768 which results to 1360×768 for each of the six attached projectors. And even when running a 5000 x 700 pixels sized movie (Apple ProRes Codec) it was running solidly on 55 – 60 fps.

The same performance was watched with a Syphon stream from VDMX with the texture size of 4000 x 1000 pixels.

And EVERYTHING was running smoothly. I have never seen a MacPro with the most powerfull GFX card implemented shown this feat. And this little slim machine didnt even show any sweat while performing like a monster.

I do have to bow to the engineers at apple. This is realy the kind of toy I whished to have for a long time.

Just, if only this new machine allowed more tinkering for tinkerers 🙁



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  • Jakob Behrends

    Thanks. Matrox states the Retina MBP isn’t even supported by their TH2G DP. I’ll sell my Digital Edition and get me two of them, too.

  • Jakob Behrends

    would you tell me what kind of DisplayPort to VGA Adapters you were using? Or is it DVI? Thanks

  • maybites

    I was using two TH DP with DP to VGA Adapters. Unfortunately I cant give you a brand name, but I guess they all should be compatible.

  • Tschoepler

    Thanks for the info. Keep it up :]

  • um_mu

    It can be tricky to find the right active dp to vga adapters.
    We just ordered these ones and they work perfectly ;)http://amzn.to/VvAyif

  • max

    Hello, Do you think that the frame grabber like “epiphan vga to usb” works with capture input of MWS  ? Thanks