Release 8 out now

Proudly present the latest Release of MeshWarpServer.

It has a couple of bug fixes which makes it more userfriendly. And new properties settings: Hiding of the Menu (for OSX only), hiding of the Mouse Pointer on startup (usefull for installation that should start without human interaction) and bringing the output window into the foreground (usefull for installations where the output window has to be on the desktop and hide the MWServers Userinterface).

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  • nico

    Hey Martin,
    I would like to know if it’s possible to download Release 007 somewhere??
    Thank you very much!!

    • maybites

      Hey Nico



      but… is there anything broken with R008?

  • wind charl

    Thanks for that work!

    • maybites

      Hi Charly
      in my email I got a message from you that you have trouble the MesWarpEditor – class. but I cant find this message online. has it been resolved?

      • wind charl

        Sorry i posted one before this one, but to fast… cause of different folders to put on the good place…in max folder…
        So now every thing is fine now!!
        Thanks a lot!