Projection Workshop 18. – 20. July

For all projection enthusiasts out there who are keen to learn the usage of meshwarpserver by its creator himself:

At the Republika Festical in Rijeka, Croatia, there will be a three day workshop on Video Mapping, from the 18th – 20th of july. It will cover all you need to know on how to setup a project with meshwarpserver, an introduction to the usage of blender as a tool to create your content and the meshes for mapping, the usage and advantages of syphon for those who use OSX and a dip of a toe or two into the cool waters of interactive installations with the help of processing and/or maxmsp.

Participants need to bring their own wits and laptops, together with a three button mouse and a sleepingbag. You have a background in visual/media/video arts and have either experience with digital content creation software (motion design, 3d animation, video editing) or experience with the use of tools of the trade making interactive installations (openframeworks, cinder, max/msp, pd, processing etc.). If you are a fan of videomapping but are intimidated by the requirements above, please drop a line to and we have a look on how you can prepare yourself.

Reservations can be sent directly to

About the Festival:

Republika is a three day seaside meeting of forward thinkers from all around the world in a festival of creativity and progressive culture. It consists of talks, discussion panels, workshops, screenings, entertainment and music programs organized by prominent international festivals such as SHARE (Belgrade, Beirut), A MAZE (Berlin, Johannesburg) and PAUSE (Melbourne), amplified by new regional projects – RockPaperStartups and Start Art Expo.

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