Minor Bugfix for MWServer R008

Due to some bugs introduced with MaxMSP 6.12 the Syphonimplementation didnt work properly. With the Release of MaxMSP 6.13 this is fixed and MWServer R008.1 works now again with Syphon.

MaxMSP still spills out some errormessages like “jit.gl.texture: error disabling transform: GL Error: Stack underflow” but this error can be disregarded.

Please excuse the inconveniences.

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  • PBL

    Hi ,

    I am setting up a multi projection installation environment . I am using MWS with Max/msp/Jitter with 3 mac minis.. I would like to use 2 syphon feeds from two max patches.. I am testing and sometimes both feeds show up and other times only one.. I was wondering if there was a specific work flow that would reliably capture two different syphon feeds..

    • PBL

      I just tested with my home imac which has max 6.1 on it and multiple syphon feeds work perfectly.. The set up I am creating(at City College nyc) is using the last max6 in demo mode.. actually tried max7 and syphon would not work at all… not sure how to solve this.. any suggestions .. appreciated..


      • maybites


        A quick test on my MacBook Pro was successfull: I was able to send a Syphon Stream from Max7 to MWS. (OSX 10.9.5)

        About your Issue with 2 Syphon Streams: cant help you here, Syphon seems to be somehow quirky. A workaround, if this is possible, is to combine the two patches and stitch the two resulting textures together. Inside MWS you can then use two Textures and use the last module (I never named them, its a kind of a cropping tool) in which you can select the area which you wanna use for your mesh. (with show source you will be shown how the cropping rectangle looks like)

        hope this helps