Illuminarts Night Mural

Craig Laurendet of just let me know of a new project realized with Meshwarpserver:

NightMural by Mandi Glynn

check out all the other cool pics on

They used a Tripplehead2Go and attached Module8 via Syphon to MWS.

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  • craig

    Yep… It was a good project.
    We projected local artists work, with speeches in-between each work.
    We used ‘Mobule 8’ Syphoning into MeshWarp, outputting to two proj’s through a TripleHead2go with no problems or lag.

    It seams to me, the key to MeshwarpServer is making a good mesh. With edges that are complimentary to both the building and the artwork , So that warping the mesh dosen’t visually effect the art.

    Next we will try Meshwarp on a larger show using 4 projectors.
    I had an initial test last night.
    Using OSX, I ren an interactive Quartz comp. Syponing into mesh warp… outputting to 4 projectors.
    Worked no probs…… Looks like I need to know a bit more about soft-edges and Blender tho!

    Catch Ya