Release 009 is here

Finally, after months of sitting inside a folder like a dead duck, the release 009 has found its way to the internet. It will be most likely the last major update of MeshWarpServer since I have moved on in regards of Videomapping. However, this release has some very nice goodies inside:

1. It comes now with a HAP-Video Player for both the OSX and Windows version. This is especially exciting for those of you that wish to play with large (pixelwise) movies.

2. The Windows-version has now support for spout, the equivalend of Syphon for OSX. Hooking up video texture chains is now as easy as it was on OSX, only more performant. check out the spout website for tools that support this cool new framework.

happy mapping!


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  • tobiasros

    What does it mean “since I have moved on in regards of Videomapping”? You don`t use your own software anymore for Videomapping?

    • maybites

      I still use my own software, but I don’t do videomapping (and hence MWS) anymore, at least not in its classical form:

      There is nothing wrong with MWS, and I believe MWS can easily stand in comparison to commercial software.

      I made this remark to let you guys know, that if you want to carry on this project and add new features and updates, you have to take it in your own hands. I am more than willing to help whoever wants to take it onwards.

  • zzss

    I’m having trouble with the demo patches… I tried to open the project.json with MWS and I get an output window that shrinks to 1 pixel high. Similarly the MWS window shrinks to just the topmost scroll menu/toggle row. No video begins to play etc…. When I click the toggle on the MWS window the window moves to the full size but I am not able to route video from webcam or quicktime. When I try to open the project.json file using max6 I get the error: “patcher file project.json missing patcher!” Any advice? Thanks!

    • maybites

      can you provide some info about your system?