Why is MeshWarpServer so slow on OSX machines?

It is fast, but you have to consider a couple of important issues:

  1. move the main-patcher window close to the left or right border of your main screen. Watch the framerate, you will suddenly notice a sharp rise.
  2. use the recommended codecs.

What Quicktime movie codecs are recomended?

We made very good experiences with the h264 codec for small videos, but Apple ProRes for large size videos. Apple ProRes doesnt compress the video files that much and therefore uses less resources on the CPU, but in order to open the newly created bottleneck on the harddisk its an imperative to have a SolidStateDrive installed.

I dont like Forums but need urgent help – how can I get some?

Drop me note:

  • wind charl

    I wondered why with the syphon server object in max the display i have in MWSSE is a strange white and grey abstract thing…
    Is there a way to use those objects in my patch to get the good display in MWSSE?
    Thanks a lot!

    • maybites


      It looks as if Syphon is not woking porperly in R008, for the time beeing please use R007 until I found the bug

      right click – save target as: (http://download.meshwarpserver.org/R007/MWServerR007.dmg)

      • maybites

        With the Minor Bugfix of today the Syphon implementation works again. Happy mapping…