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Author Topic: OSC control? Live control of Saturation and other Parameters?
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Post OSC control? Live control of Saturation and other Parameters?
on: June 7, 2014, 11:13

Dear Fellow Meshwarpers!

First of all: fantastic software, many thanks!

My question is as follows:

I would like to be able to control some of the parameters like Saturation, Hue and so forth via a Midi hardware controller/Midi CC messages sent by a sequencer.

Is it possible, if yes, how would I go about this?

Midi to OSC?
Maybe a script in Autohotkeys, which can listen to Midi input and translate to keystrokes?

I`m running MWS on Win 8 (not 8.1, reluctant to update, machine runs fine. Never fix a running system 🙂 )

Surely I could take control via the mouse in MWS, but it would be so much more convenient to use hardware faders.

Any suggestions are welcome, I won't mind trying my hand on scripting.

Another idea

I could also get my hands on an iPad, which is capable of sending OSC, for example via touchOSC, pretty powerful, already tried out some stuff on lighting software (OSC/DMX)

Still Another Idea:

If the remote control isn't viable, could I stream the output of MWS to some other Software which allows for manipulation of the video Parameters, maybe even apply real time FX? Windows still doesn't do syphon, shame.

Could I achieve that with some media server software like Serviio or other?

Timing is not a big issue, if there's an up to 300ms lag, I don't mind.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Afterthought: The streaming option is probably not the best, since I need the output window size of MWS, in my case 3860 width. I would then have to introduce yet another instance of sofware which handles the multiple outputs (3 beamers)

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Post Re: OSC control? Live control of Saturation and other Parameters?
on: June 7, 2014, 16:17

Hi abbraiane

glad you like my tool. here some answers:

currently there is no OSC support for Texture-Modules. I do have an update in the pipeline, and maybe I find the time to implement those values for you. If it doesnt take to much time.

If you have a MIDI hardware controller, you need a translation software to OSC. Using TouchOSC should be much easier with the above mentioned update, since I changed the address-structure. so creating a touchOSC app should be a breeze.

the way I would do streaming is actually the other way around. use a video-software to mix your content, output it on a gfx-card and connect it to a capture card on a second machine where meshwarpserver is running. in here you can use the capture input and do the final mapping. If I remember right I was able to capture two full HD streams and use one meshwarpserver instance to output onto 5 projectors. (see demo No5 MLove.)

I have never thoroughly tested the capturing module in windows, so if you wanna use the suggested way above, please test it soon. if there are some bugs I might be able to address them with the next update, too.

let me know how you fare. the update wont be ready very soon though.

good luck


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